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Igor Hochmajer

Japanese Sword Advisory Service


My interest in, and knowledge of, Japanese swords began with my practice of the Martial Arts. At that time every Samurai sword looked fantastic and I wished to own one. Later on when I purchased my first real Japanese swords I began to study them in much greater depth and to learn how to treat them in the traditional way. During this time I gained the more complex knowledge that is important in identifying sword authenticity and assessing their condition.

My studies revealed the great variety in quality of Japanese blades and sword mountings and I have since regularly travelled to Japan to learn more from outstanding examples in the museums and exhibitions. This also allows me to be up to date with the sword market in Japan and do a “sword hunt” for Japanese sword connoisseurs who are interested in acquiring high quality Nihonto (Japanese swords).

The Soul of the Samurai

Nihonto as an object of fine art is recognized worldwide as a major part of the cultural heritage of the feudal Samurai warrior class. It has been praised because of its superb functionality, in addition to its artistic value, and many have been passed down through generations
as family treasures. In the past the Japanese sword was often referred to as the “Soul of the Samurai”.

Ichimonji School Tachi - Set


Learning about Japanese swords, sourcing and acquiring them are time consuming activities.
All my services are designed to respect the customers’ time and provide tailored information to meet customers’ requirements and make things happen.


Well-ordered and accurate information about important aspects of Japanese swords, the traditional approach to sword examination, sword etiquette and maintenance. Consultancy prices are negotiable and are quoted individually depending on clients specific requirements and travel distance. Initial consultations in London or via Skype are free of charge. For more information please contact me via the Contact Form below.


With my extensive contacts in Japan and worldwide I am able to locate and acquire a particular requested school, sword-smith or even sword if it is available for sale. Please, sign for my mailing list via the Contact Form to be kept updated. I have a constant turn over of stock.


Services include the maintenance of private collections and arranging minor repairs in the UK and Europe. For more important swords there are repair services available in Japan provided by respected craftsmen and I can arrange for the use of these facilities if they are required.

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